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presentation at its finest

Besides the already impressive and custom standard packaging for CDs and prints, Mobile Darkroom can assist you in finding  even more extravagant and unique packaging for your event gifts. Strive for perfection with extravagant CD boxes, envelopes, albums, you name it. We even will assist you if you want the packing to be customized with your name or logo.

Please note that these are only a few examples. Our team of creative professionals can accommodate any design wish and will make sure that the customized CD covers, labels and watermarking on prints will suite your taste and needs.

Available options range from boxes, baskets, buckets to pouches, bags and more. The size of the packaging can be chosen to also accommodate other gifts or promotional materials from your event. Below are just some examples as to what is possible. Please contact us with your wish or idea and we can probably make it happen.