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the possibilities are endless

The versatility and possibilities with Mobile Darkroom are virtually endless. Please find below a list of services that we typically provide. If there is anything that you don't see, ask. Just because it is not on our list, might not mean that we don't do it. Customers come up with new ideas daily. That's half the fun with Mobile Darkroom. It's a great tool with so many applications.



Weddings | Birthdays | Anniversaries | School Proms and Dances | Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties | Sports | Events and Games | Parties & Galas | Custom Books, Albums, Calendars

Mobile Darkroom for private events

There is no more need to spend days and sometimes weeks waiting to see the results of all the hard work you have done to put an event together. Mobile Darkroom is specifically designed to be able to accommodate any event, fundraisers and special celebrations included. Reserving a Mobile Darkroom for your event, means providing your guests with not only instant images printed at the time of the event, but giving them the pleasure of being able to go home with the entire collection of pictures taken by professional photographers of your choice and/or your guests themselves burnt on DVD.



Events | Conferences | Team Building Activities | Golf Tournaments | Customer or Employee Appreciation Events | Holiday Parties | Promotional Events | Exhibits and Expos

Promoting corporate culture or new product/service has never been easier. Companies can give out photographs with corporate logo at seminars, teambuilding activates or other corporate events. Photo collections will be burnt on DVDs and properly packaged in gift boxes. Upon the request we can also include a demo presentation of a new product, Power Point Presentation of key speakers, or messages from event hosts.

Mobile Darkroom for corporate events

** Customized pictures and CDs/DVDs based on the theme of your event. Based on special request we can have uploaded information on CDs/DVDs, such as a list of participants, your thank you note, or a product presentation for corporate events.



On Site production & proofing | Photo & Video and Audio pre- and post- processing | RENTAL EQUIPMENT | Projectors & screens | Laptops | Point & Shoot Cameras | Digital SLR Cameras | PA systems | Mobile Cellular Wi-Fi Hotspots

Mobile Darkroom can also be of assistance to professional photographers as a mobile photo studio "on location" which allows for prep work or instant evaluation of work in the field.

Mobile Darkroom for corporate events



Mobile Darkroom Puts the "Fun" in Fundraising

Mobile Darkroom understands the importance of education and local community development. Thus, we are eager to support local non-for-profit organizations and charities by providing them with special discounts and fundraising ideas.

Mobile Darkroom will be a valuable source for many fundraising opportunities that institutions are planning to undertake. Will it be a school concert, a theme party or a community project – Mobile Darkroom can become a part of it all. We will collaborate with your existing photographer or bring our photographer if it’s needed, moreover, we can also utilize the shots taken by your guests. Then, we will print the photographs, burn them on CDs/DVDs and make them available for sale right there at the event.

Because of the substantial discount that Mobile Darkroom provides to the nonprofits any markup, which you find reasonable on our products, will lead to the fundraising opportunities for your organization.



"Picture Day" fundraiser

The idea here is to offer family portraits, glamour shots, vintage photos, and other "dressy" pictures. Besides making prints and CDs, Mobile Darkroom can provide any photo customization or editing as requested by the client.

* The estimate is based on the assumption that there will be 100 guests present at the event and that each of them will purchase five (5) photographs and one CD each. The cost for an organization includes a $300 fee for provisioning and discounted rates for prints, CDs and DVDs.

500 x $1.51 + 100x$10 – $300= $1,455 The final amount of funds raised will vary based upon the total number of pictures, CDs and DVDs sold, as well as the markup the organization decides to put on these products.

Click here to view the sample calculations.



Depending on the amount of participants and pictures/DVDs sold, the amount of money raised can accumulate quickly. Considering how much time and effort it takes to put on an event like this, Mobile Darkroom clearly becomes the solution of choice.