Mobile Darkroom – Wedding and Event Photo Services for Carmel, Monterey, Big Sur


the mobile darkroom principles

Mobile Darkroom is a new approach towards successful collaboration of artistic photography, skillful editing and quality printing.

While you and your guests are enjoying the event Mobile Darkroom is working onsite behind the scenes on the editing of pictures and video and the production of professional quality, customized prints and DVDs ready for pick up during and at the end of the event.

Why wait days or even weeks if you can have quality product the same day? Instant gratification without the any loss of quality is the premises that Mobile Darkroom was built on.

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The Mobile Darkroom "lives" in an 8 x 20 ft trailer, hence is fully mobile and can be brought onsite to almost any destination a car can drive to. The Mobile Darkroom can even be operated in a fully self contained mode, so you can literally be in "the middle of nowhere" and still receive the same great services.

Our mobile digital lab is equipped with all the latest technology that the digital world of photography has to offer. High speed computers and networking, 4×6, 5×7, 8×10 photo finishers, DVD duplicators, scanners, projectors, printers and more.

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